Thursday, April 15, 2010


Well, we're a little late getting around to this due to my lack of video techiness, but I wanted to put up a few videos and pics from Easter. We had a great time. Alan loved dying the eggs, aka eating and breaking the crayons and eggs. On Sunday morning, we read the story of Christ's Resurrection from the scriptures, then went out to find the eggs. Oh my goodness, he had the time of his life. Pretty sure he thought it was the greatest game ever. We also watched General Conference that weekend which was spectacular as always. Later that day we had an Easter dinner for 11 in our little Wymount apartment. Scott, Janelle, Alan, Michael, Savannah, Steph, Marc, Emily, Nate, Megan, & Dean. Woohoo!

I'm way too cool to wear those bunny ears.

Oh my gosh, how did this happen?

Egg. Crayon. Now what? Hmmmm....

The Eggs.

So excited about the egg in my hand, I don't even notice the egg on the floor.

All of my sisters!

I know I'm not supposed to play with cell phones, but I found it in the blue egg!

Visit from Grandparents (#2)

Shortly after the departure of Janelle's parents, Grandma and Grandpa Robertson came from Oregon to visit. We loved having them in town and appreciate them spending their spring break vacation with us. It's great for Baby Alan to get to know his grandparents.

Here's Baby-A wearing one of Grandpa R's famous BYU hats!

Hope you can come again soon!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

For Anne....

Alan's first volleyball game.

Scott would like it to be known that Alan really does like Cosmo. It's just that giant cats can be very scary when it's past your bed time.