Monday, September 12, 2011

Just some fun photos

There is really no rhyme or reason to this post.  I just wanted to put up a few pictures of our boys...

Alan made this block and book tower all by himself.  I was pretty impressed, and as you can see, so was he.

We got these as party favors from a friend's birthday party, and couldn't resist this picture!

We went to the Decordova Sculpture Park and loved it!  It was a great place for kids!

Parts of it were not great for strollers, but James had a fun time anyway.

Alan was not into posing at any of the sculptures, but he loved this "big man."

His favorite sculpture though was "the eggs," and he did agree to pose with me.

Big stretches in Mom and Dad's bed.

I think Alan looks so old in this he's ready to start kindergarten or something.  Crazy.

Apparently I say the phrase, oh look at my boys!  a lot.  Because now whenever Alan goes next to James he yells that...  Mom!  Look at mine boys!

And here are some sweet loves

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Brotherly Birthdays

Summer is full of birthdays for Robertson boys, and as Michael and Sarah were staying with us for a week before they could move into their apartment, we got to celebrate these brothers' birthdays together- first Scott's and then Michael's four days later.


We've just been kind of excited about this upcoming season.  Go Cougs!

Candles in a hot chocolate pudding cake = disaster.  Oh well.  The cake was still pretty delicious.

Michael was pretty excited about his cake.

Actually it was a pie.  Key lime pie.  It was in the freezer/fridge and worked much better with the candles. And was likewise delicious.

We also got to Skype with Mom and Dad Robertson while opening presents.  (Alan is currently freaking out because he wants the chips in this picture... chips pleeeeeease!)
It was an adventurous first week for Michael and Sarah.  They survived finding a new apartment (the one they had lined up had bed bugs), a hurricane (only minimal power loss and a few drips in the basement), and a week with a 2yr old and a 5 week old (certainly the most crazy thing of all), oh yeah, and starting law school.  We're glad to live so close to them again.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Atlantic City Trip

For the Foulk family vacation this year, my family rented a time share in Atlantic City.  We got to go down and stay for a couple of days, and it was tons of fun.  Though the Westerners couldn't make it, they got to be together as well.  Alan called it our "ocean house" and still asks to go there.  He also still tells us about the bird that he saw eating a crab.  We all had a lot of fun and here are a few fun pics from our trip...

Baby James is getting bigger every day.  He's all smiles now.

We got down there on Sunday and mostly just hung out at the apartment and played some games...

And read some books...

And did some computer programming...

And held pillows over the extremely loud speaker that repeated an "emergency message" for 10 minutes straight.  Not that there was any emergency except the fact that they probably woke up or scared to death every kid in the whole place.  The pillow ended up doing the trick though.  Alan slept like a champ.
Jumping the waves with Aunt Meg

And more jumping

He loved, loved, loved everything about the beach

Oh, and did I mention he loved jumping?

Baby James was less impressed with the water, but did get his feet wet.  
We buried Uncle Nate

Just relaxin on the beach.

Really relaxin at the beach

Alan jumped in for a game of Rook

This is the view from our balcony.  We had left by the time the earthquake hit, but apparently there was quite the swaying and swinging lights up there on the 32nd floor.

Scott had never been to Atlantic City and was excited to see all the Monopoly streets.

Waiting for some funnel cake on the boardwalk

And enjoying it

We went to James salt water taffy shop along the boardwalk and really couldn't resist this picture.

And we rode bikes on the boardwalk one morning

A couple of cute guys

On our bike ride we found this big Monopoly board as well.

On Boardwalk on the boardwalk... get it?

I wasn't there this time, but I am amazed that Alan let this castle be built and didn't knock it down.

Apparently he was too busy standing on his head.


Friday, September 2, 2011

Family visits

Well, as we've said before, August was a family filled month.  My Mom, Grandma, Nathan, and Evan came up to visit and help with James.  Emily flew up during that time too.  Then later that week, we drove down to NJ for a little visit and trip to Atlantic City!  Here are some of the pics from my family's visit to our house, and our visit to their house!
Public Garden ducks and swan boats are always a hit

Alan, Daddy, Nate and Evan rode the merry-go-round in Boston Common
And everyone had a fun time at Frog Pond
Even Baby James
We found out it takes longer to make the drive down to NJ with a newborn, but we had a blast when we were there.  

Alan kept talking about the toys, balls, and horse in Grandma's basement the entire drive down.  We got in pretty late, but first thing the next morning he headed straight downstairs.
Alan borrowed Uncle Evan's old floaty swimsuit for a try in Grandma's pool.
At first he was a little afraid of the water, but had a blast throwing the diving sticks for his uncles to get.
He got a little braver and played on the steps
Then finally agreed to go for a ride on a "boat"

And finally went in the pool for little bits of time with us holding him.  A couple of more days and he would have been a pro. :)
Jumping on the tramp with Megan and Evan.  So cute.