Friday, September 13, 2013

Lucy's Birth Story

Well, I am kind of late in getting this up.  Every time I look back at our blog and think why did it take me a month to be able to put up pictures?  Next time, I'm sure I can get that done a little more quickly.  But then next time comes, and I don't.  Oh well. :)  Thankfully Scott's parents have taken the boys to the zoo today, which is the only reason I am finally able to post this now!

So here is our birth story... in some of its detail. :)

I was a week late, and with James having been 10lbs 4oz, I didn't want to go much over a week.  So they scheduled an induction.  After some miscommunication with the hospital that morning, we went into the hospital and got there around 9 or 10am.  Since I was strep b positive, I needed to be on penicillin for 4 hours before having the baby.  And since it was my third, they didn't want to really get the pitocin going until after that.  So they started me on low levels of pitocin and we just waited.  It was really really boring.  Their internet was down.  Scott had a cold and was on antibiotics himself and went wandering around Cambridge to find a CVS to buy tylenol.  Kind of funny since we were at a hospital. :)  So we just sat around knowing that we'd never be bored again for the next few months!

Finally they upped the pitocin and my contractions we very regular.  The doctor was going to break my water to speed things along, so I got an epidural first.  After that she broke my water.  Then the contractions were super intense!  Even though I had an epidural, my contractions were as painful as before my epidural.  I think the pitocin makes them worse because I experienced this with Alan and not so much with James.  Anyway, About 10 minutes after having my water broken, I wanted the doctor to come check me again because I was in so much pain.  When she checked, she said I could start pushing.  About 10 minutes later little Lucy was here! And we love her.  Here are some pictures from our hospital stay.

Here I am ready to burst!  And just waiting... It was so weird to go to the hospital and not be in labor...
Little Lucy's official weigh in.  I was worried that she might be bigger than James, so I was quite relieved when she was over a pound smaller!  And about half of the people when they heard her birth weight reacted with "Oh how big!" and the other half reacted with "I'm glad she was so small!"  And it was funny.  Turns out she was perfect.
Big Brother #1
Big Brother #2
The boys had tons of fun exploring the hospital room.  They loved getting drinks...
And sitting on the bed... and making it move... and they only paged the nurse once. :)
Such big helpers. :)
And we were so grateful for Grandma and Grandpa Robertson and all of their help!!!

And here are a few more hospital pictures of our little girl who we love so much!  She is beautiful and healthy and things have been going great!