Sunday, March 31, 2013

Grandma and Grandpa Robertson Visit

We were so thrilled to have Grandma and Grandpa Robertson come and visit us for a little while! We had such a fun visit with them and got to spend lots of time with Michael, Sarah, and Micah as well. I unfortunately didn't get a ton of pictures, but here are a few to document our fun time.

Here are our comfy boys playing on the tablet.

We had some fun outings, but I never managed to remember the camera.  We went to several libraries, walked around Harvard, went to the IMAX at the Museum of Science and dollar night at the Children's Museum.  It was all so much fun.  Well, Alan didn't exactly enjoy the IMAX, but I think the Children's Museum made up for it. :)

We also had a lot of fun just hanging around the house...and luckily the camera is close at hand when we're at home. :)
Alan was SUPER excited for Grandma and Grandpa to come to Joy School with him.  Here we are preparing the Jello Eggs (thanks Janet) for our Joy School friends.
The finished product!  They were a hit.
I think Grandma and Grandpa really liked playing Headbanz with Alan.
Michael and Sarah brought us these fun circus masks.
Alan and Grandma playing either Go Fish or Old Maid.  He loves them both.
Luckily we were able to dye Easter Eggs together as well.
Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!!!!!  (This is what happens every time I pull out the camera)
Waiting for the eggs...
Proud boy with the finished product!
We had so much fun spending time together.  Alan especially loved having so much attention and having someone to play games with all of the time.  We also had a chance to work on some Family History from Grandma's side and it was exciting to start getting involved.  We can't wait until we can see them again!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Keeping Busy

So I feel like our lives have been so busy recently...running everywhere from activity to activity.  Between running around, we've finally been getting around to some door painting which is taking up much of my spare time. And Scott's been swamped with school work, PhD applications, and scout rechartering. :)  Fun time of year.  In about a week, several of these things should come to an end and we should get our normal life back again...maybe??  In the mean time, the boys have been keeping busy being their normal selves....
Alan has been having a lot of fun at Joy School.  He did this shaving cream painting activity, and has recreated it twice since at our house.  Last time he even went and got out all the supplies, and then told me that he wanted to do it. :)
And sometimes during Joy School, James gets to have a little play date as well.
Caps for Sale.  This is from joy school, but he has also been taking a story book theater class at the library.  They read a story each week and then dress up in some costumes.  He has really enjoyed it.  On their last week they did a little play for the parents.  He knew his line quite well, and purposely wouldn't say it, but he was pretty cute even so.
Another activity we had done at joy school, which Alan loved and wanted to do again one morning.  Yay for mixing colors. :)  He was always so thrilled and surprised at what the new color would be.  Even if he had mixed the colors before.  It was kind of funny.
The awesome birthday cake that Sarah made for me.  Michael, Sarah, and Micah were able to come up for  dinner and our little party.  We had some authentic Billerican roast beef sandwiches. :)
The boys had lots of fun picking out and opening presents. 
Alan had been on a Bambi kick.  He's usually into which ever video we check out from the library.  He would call us the deer family, or the antler family.  So Scott had the idea to play "pin the antlers on the deer" at my birthday party.  
Grandma Robertson sent cake pops for my birthday.
And they were delicious.
And apparently Scott thought we needed pictures of us each eating them.
Another joy school at-home re-creation.  Good thing Alan has joy school.  I would never think to do half of these things with my kids.
This was during the pirate phase.  When we had the Pirates Who Don't do Anything video.   The hat was usually accompanied by a cardboard sword.  But swords aren't allowed at the table.
 Don't worry.  Now Alan is a horse.  Named Buck.  Yeah, try to keep up with him.  Literally.
And this little bugger is getting a mind of his own.
I just wanted a pic for them to put up in nursery.
And this is what he gave me.  He is so funny.
On side note, in the time it took me to finish this blog post, Alan attended a pirate birthday party for one of his friends, and has re-entered pirate phase. :)  Despite the business, we are loving life!