Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Visit to Grandma's House

At the end of May we got to go and visit Grandma and Grandpa Foulk's house for a week. It was a lot of fun.  Here are some pics from our trip!

Got to see Uncle Evan's baseball game
Grandpa and the Goose
Swimming in the pool!
Just playin
Watch out!
Uncle Evan is a great sport and always plays with the boys
Bringing James the diving sticks
Quite pleased with himself!
Playing in the grass!

The pic is a little blurry, but Aunt Meg gave Lucy this new do!
We took a trip to the zoo and the boys loved their little car!
We made great friends with the wallabies
Hearing all about the animals
Love this picture with the giraffes!

Both of the boys really loved their maps.
They keep telling everyone that they saw a tiger named "Rocky" at the zoo.
Here they are with the bear. Blocking the bear. But that's ok.
Lest we forget about the goose, her she is being her normal self.
Yes, this is normal too. Her tongue is out of her mouth at least half of the time.
The cheetah. Had to to include the cheetah. Alan's favorite animal because it is the fastest!
And the bison. We've been obsessed with bison.  Really, whenever Wild Kratts airs a new episode, we become obsessed with that animal. Today it was opossums. :)  I'll take it though. It is more fun to have them play dead than stampede and run into you when you least expect it.
Walking around the zoo
And we can't forget the peacock.  

We saw a couple of them put on quite a show. Opened right up and started cawing at each other. It was so loud.  The boys of course loved to imitate this sound for weeks to come. :)
We had a great trip! Thanks for having us Foulk Family!


Here are just some random pics that I found on the camera.  Had to put them up so that we could remember the little moments in addition to the big events. :)

The boys were on an Incredibles kick for a while!
They wanted costumes,  Luckily this sufficed.
This boy really loves her little sister and treats her so well.  He is always watching out for her.  It's pretty cute. 
This boy likes to pretend he is a baby.  I think he can't quite figure out how he fits in.  He asks if he his big or little about every day.
Alan decided to dress like this to attend the family history fair at our church. :) Minus the mustache. He won that as a prize for answering the question in one of the activities for the primary.  It matched his outfit well.
Then he came home and helped in the garden.  We like to call him the young prophet Joseph. :)
Scott's dad sings in a community choir. We went to see his concert and it was awesome.  They sang everything from Les Mis to Train to the Village People.  So fun!
Clapping. She loves it.
Splashing. She loves it too.
Can't fit in that pool much longer!
They love reading with Daddy!
All in a stroller on the way home from swimming lessons!
Foosball with G&G Robertson
And this sums it up!