Sunday, January 31, 2016

July 4th plus some randoms

Lucy doesn't want her picture taken
This guy likes legos :)
Scott and I went on a super fun date to see Newsies
Even though some things were different from the movie, we loved it. It was awesome to see live!
Scott was in charge of the annual 4th of July breakfast at church
As you can see we had a good turn out
Then we had a fun 4th of July barbecue at G&G Robertsons
At the Wilmington Fireworks
Having fun...
Still waiting for the fireworks to start...
Covering the kids ears worked this year!
For the first time EVER we had nothing but smiles during the fireworks. No tears. We're hoping this will be a new trend.

Alan's 6th Birthday: May the force be with you

Here are some fun pics from Alan's big 6th birthday party this year!

Opening presents that morning...

Alan wanted a Star Wars party. We invited his school class and some friends from church, so there was quite a bit of prep work!

pool noodles and duct tape can work miracles

Alan worked hard for many days to make this Darth Vader pinata!
putting the finishing touches on the cake
finished product
It took about 1 minute after kids started arriving for this to happen
Scott was our Jedi Master and he led the padawans in some meditation
And light saber technique
We had an obstacle course where you had to try to blow up the death star (with a nerf gun)
Prepping for our intergalactic water balloon battle
Said battle
And finally pizza!

And cake!
 It was a SUPER fun day. And a lot of work. It's making me tired to just look at these pictures. :) But it was worth it.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

NJ Trip: Evan's Play/Lorelei's Blessing

Back in June we got to visit G&G Foulk's house! We packed in our visit with a lot of fun things! First of all, we got to see Evan in his musical: The Magical Land of Oz. He played the role of the scarecrow and did a great job! We also got to see our cousins while we were there! We had never met Lorelei and it had been about a year since we had seen Jimmie and Karsten, so it was really fun to get the kids together again! We played lots of games and Alan beat Scott at chess. We also had a fun evening at Johnson's farm...dollar dogs, playgrounds, go-karts, animals, etc. The kids had a lot of fun exploring Grandpa's truck, and of course swimming in the pool! Then on the Sunday we went home we got to participate in Lorelei's baby blessing at church! It was a super fun trip!