Monday, August 31, 2015

Soccer and Baseball

This spring was Alan's first time playing soccer! He loved it. Here are a couple of pictures from his season.

Alan also participated in a reading incentive at his school. Those who read the required amount got tickets to a New Hampshire Fisher Cats game. So after one of his soccer games, Scott and Alan took a drive up to New Hampshire for some daddy-son time!

Walk in the park.
They honored all of the readers on the field before the game began.
The game. I believe the Fisher Cats even won!
Some pretty happy guys.

The Circus!

The Circus came to town during April vacation week this year! It was only about 10 minutes away and pretty affordable, so we decided to would be fun to give it a go! We went with some of our joy school friends, and it was a great show. The kids loved it. There were tigers, elephants, camels, bears, tight rope, all sorts of gymnasts and performers. I think our favorite act was the motorcycles in the huge ball. A fun family outing for sure. Here are a few pictures from the intermission where we could get up and walk around.

Family Photo. Some of us weren't to keen on this idea. But, here we are anyway. :)

Foulk Family Visit

The Foulk Family came to visit sometime in April, I believe. Here are some pics from their fun trip!

We decided to do the freedom trail with the fam. Ev wasn't feeling well, so we'll have to do it with him another time, but we couldn't send Nate off to Russia without having done it.
Us in front of the famous(to us) Burger King restaurant by the common. We were in this Burger King when we got the news that my Grandma and Grandpa Tucker had received their mission call to Novosibirsk, Russia (back in like 2002 or something like that.) And now Nate will leave for  his mission in Yekaterinburg, Russia in a couple of weeks.
Some cute pics at the playground by frog pond.

Lucy was petty little and wanting to do these pretty big slides.
And apparently loving it. :)
Got ourselves some cannolis at Mike's.

In the Old North Church
Nate was so happy to be here with Paul Revere.
In addition to the freedom trail, we went to Einstein's Workshop one afternoon. The kids had a lot of fun exploring and playing with all different kinds of blocks etc.

Love this face, Dad!

And I just couldn't pick one of these pictures of our goose. I just feel like each of them aptly captures one of her many personalities. So I just put them all in.

I'm going to stare at you and not say a word
Classic Lucy happy shot
I'm about to do something sneaky...
"Cici funny"
She calls herself Cici. And she thinks she's pretty funny. And she's pretty pleased with herself. And we tell her she's not funny. But she's pretty dang cute.

Spring Fun

This is a complete hodgepodge of random photos from this past Spring! Enjoy!
I know this doesn't look like spring, but it was. 
We started playing soccer and baseball as soon as you could walk in the snow without sinking.

A trip to the Zoo!

Some outdoor fun!

The Science Museum. We went with some friends this day. And then decided to get a membership. We have loved going there!

This is in the butterfly garden!

Great Brook Farm. One of Alan's classmate's had a birthday party there. It was a lot of fun!

Grandpa Robertson sings in this great community choir. Each spring they put on a great performance that we love to go to!
And spring isn't complete without a "Popcorn Popping" FHE

Disassembling a crate. I think he and his dad had fun here.