Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Lucy Rose Robertson

We're thrilled to welcome Lucy Rose Robertson to our family.  She was born 20 August 2013 at 6:48p.  At birth she was 8 lbs. 14.6 oz., 21 inches tall.  Lucy, Janelle, and our whole family and happy and healthy.  Janelle will have more posts soon.

In the delivery room.
Sleeping (the bow is a new addition to these hospital hats for us).
Awake (notice the dark hair).
Big brothers figuring out how to help her with her bink.

Monday, August 19, 2013

While We Were Waiting

I figured I would do one last blog post before they induce me tomorrow morning.  Here are some pics of the fun things we've been doing before this baby comes.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Grandma and Grandpa are Here!

We are so lucky to finally have Grandma and Grandpa Robertson here with us.  And the even better news is that they'll be staying!  We are super excited to have them close by and being able to see them so often.  They found a place that isn't too far away and it is just perfect!  All of their stuff arrived yesterday and it will be so fun to have grandparents living close.  And extremely helpful for when this little girl comes along!  We've had a lot of fun together these past couple of weeks and I just had to document some of our fun times.

We went mini golfing at a fun course nearby.  It was the boys first time (I think!) and they loved it!
A pretty good pose
Grandma and Alan, creature powers and all
I don't remember who won, but I know it was one of these more serious golfers :)
Here's Alan at hole 18.  He was always a hole or two ahead of us (it was just so exciting!).  Anyway, it was hilarious when he got to the end and his ball went down the chute and he couldn't get it back.  He will tell you... "I was just sooooo surprised when my ball didn't come back!"  It was pretty funny.  He then thought it was so cool that he wanted to hit all of our balls for us on the 18th hole.  Quite a kid. :)
We went down to visit dad at his new work in Cambridge.  He works right next to this canoe renal place so he joined us during his lunch break for a little canoeing on the Charles.
Our boys were pretty excited.  They had this super huge canoe that fit all of us in one boat.  It was fun, but a little hard to steer!
Alan has also been begging to go to the beach.  We decided we had better get it done before this baby comes.
We went to Castle Island, which is less of a traditional beach experience, as it is on the bay, but the boys still had fun despite the lack of big waves.  They also had a cool fort and playground and free parking.
And it was a rather overcast and cool day, but they loved it all the same.
We are so glad to have our Grandma and Grandpa Robertson living close by and are looking forward to lots more fun outings like these!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Higgins Armory Museum

Last Friday I decided to brave the Higgins Armory with the boys.  Our friends have raved about the Knight Museum, as the boys call it, but it's a little pricey and a bit of a drive, so we've never made it before.  However, here in Boston they have "Free Friday" events that run all summer.  Museums, zoos, parks etc. participate and they have a few different places that are free each week.  So last Friday, the Knight museum happened to be free and I promised the boys I'd take them.  

The night before as I'm ramping up for the next day and looking up directions, etc., I see this memo about the free day.  It says to expect to wait at least 45 minutes to get in etc... and everything just sounded so crazy, that I almost backed out.  Not to mention the boys have been a bit wild recently, and the thought of me taking them alone in my very pregnant state, did not sound appealing.  But, they were so excited to go that we braved the trip.  And they loved it and were really quite good!  There were a ton of people there, but it was manageable.  We got there a couple of minutes after it opened and there was no line. (Though when we were leaving the line was soooooo long!)  And we were able to meet our friends afterwords for some lunch.  So despite the craziness, we are really glad that we went.  Here are a few pics I managed to snap in the chaos!

They had a good mix of exhibits (which we quickly went through) and hands on play areas which were swamped but fun.  I love this last picture with the museum in the background and the shield that Alan got to make.  The shield making was also a little crazy with the number of people there, but we got it done, and he was pretty excited about it. :)

All in all a very fun morning at the knight museum!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Happy Birthday James!

Our littlest guy turned two last week! It was so fun to watch his reaction to all of the birthday excitement.  I'm not sure he knew entirely what was going on always, but was happy none the less.  Thankfully, he didn't mind if his big brother opened a few of his presents.  He mainly knew that you get cake on your birthday.  For several days before hand, I kept asking him what he wanted to eat for dinner on his birthday.  His response was always cake.  And he knows that with cupcakes you sing "Happy Birthday to You."  And Aunt Steph sent an e-card where you decorated a little cake that we played 100 times. :) Not kidding.  So yeah, he liked the cake.  And the presents.  And the attention from his grandparents.  Pretty much everything. 

Here are some pics from his special day.

Alan was happy to show James how to open his presents, read the card, etc.  Since James does EVERYTHING that his big brother does, it didn't take him long to catch on.
Though he was so thrilled with each and every gift that he never wanted to open the next one.  Only play with the one he had.  Such a cute guy.
Ok, so this is the only pic I got of the cupcakes and it's blurry.  I don't think they looked this bad in real life, but  oh well.  I did let the kids decorate though.  Alan and James both helped with squirting the frosting and putting the little animals in the middle.   So you know, they weren't perfect, but it was fun. :)
Getting ready to sing "Happy Birthday to You"
Tasting the frosting
Now with both hands...
And finally digging in!
All smiles and wanting to play with every gift
Loving his McQueen water bottle (with nothing in it. :)
Can't believe you are getting so big Jamesy!  We love you!