Thursday, March 17, 2011


So I am overdue for a blogpost, and thought I ought to blog about the thing that takes up the majority of our time these days:  basketball.  Now, you may think I'm referring to the NCAA and conference tournaments, winning conference championships, or having a national player of the year on our team.  Don't get me wrong, this is what takes up the majority of our free time, thanks to Greg Wrubell and ksl, and and no thanks to the mtn.

Over the head 
But I probably hear the words: a ball! woosh! a hundred times a day.  Absolutely Alan's obsession!  From the moment he wakes up until we go to bed, he wants to be shooting the basketball.  And he's so funny about it, and determined too.  He will stand in one spot and shoot the ball about 4 times, and then he will move a few inches to a new spot and try from there.  Next he will practice shooting from standing on a step stool.  Then he will sit on the stool.  Then on the ground.  Then move the stool directly under the hoop, then on the other side of the basement.  Recently his new thing has been to steal a peek at the basket, then either turn his head and try to shoot without looking.  I have no idea where he gets these ideas!  And he is developing a pretty good shot as well.

Pretty pleased with his shot
Now from the very beginning, we though this guy would be a basketball player.  His first ultrasound showed his entire hand stretched open with all five long fingers spread wide.  When he ended up being kind of a bigger guy we thought that football may be his destiny.  But now when I see childhood pictures of a certain short chubby kid who has turned into our player of the year, and Alan's passion for basketball, I'm beginning to think we may have a future jimmer on our hands.

Watch out.  That's all I'm saying.
If you have any questions about this, just call and ask.  Alan always wants to talk on the phone to whoever I'm talking to.  And when he does, he usually tells them two things: a ball!  woosh!  (he quite frequently adds miss! as, well, as we all make mistakes. :)

Super jumper
Anyway, we're way excited about being able to actually watch the game tonight.  It's been a fun, fun season with some super exciting times (52 points over New Mexico???)  and some not so exciting ones (seeing former Provo High students kicked off team).  But regardless of how we play tonight, I can be sure of one thing.  The next two words out of Alan's mouth will be: a ball!  woosh!