Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Goose

This is one of our nicknames for Lucy.  Started as goosy.  Then just goose.  She'll probably hate it when she's older.  But I figure it's better than moose, right?? (Scott has recently started calling James that, to rhyme with goose...)  Anyway.  I figured she deserved a little post in here since in the time frame that I was blog slacking she has practically doubled in age.  And considering that Alan had a separate post for about every milestone, I thought Lucy deserved a post to herself.
Here is a pic from when she was almost 5 months.  She was such a toes-sucker!  Any time I sat her down, the toes went right in the mouth!  Too funny!
Happy in the exersaucer.
And this is what happens when you have to get both a load of laundry and a baby girl up the stairs!
Lookin cute in her bow!
Here she is eating solid food.  I really waited forever to start her, as I was avoiding the time commitment, clean up, etc.  But she is a really good eater and will eat almost anything that we are eating for dinner.
Such a happy girl
Just chillaxin in the swing
And loving it!
More smiles
And some more!
Overall she is a very good and happy baby.  She has been a pretty good eater and sleeper.  She rolled over from front to back when she was three and a half or four months old, and has been mobile ever since.  She just kept on rolling! About two days after she first rolled over she rolled completely down the hall and we had to put the gate up since I found her at the top of the stairs.  Then once she started sitting she would maneuver around switching from laying to sitting and get around that way.  Now at eight months she goes anywhere she wants using both arms and legs, but she isn't up off the floor as of yet.  But she is certainly fast!

She likes to be exploring and doing her own thing, but still likes her mama to be within sight.  Actually mama doesn't have to be in sight as long as her big brothers are.  She loves them and always has such big smiles for them.  Alan can ALWAYS make her laugh.  She also loves the tub and gives all kinds of smooches.  We love this little girl!

Monday, April 21, 2014

And we're back!

So...I skipped March.  Something I have never done.  I've had at least one post a month since I started this thing... Oh well.  And we're almost through April! Here's to catch up week!  These pictures are from so long ago.  But we'll just put up a montage to keep the history going...

Probably doesn't need an explanation.  This captures two of Alan's most favorite things.  We had it for lunch at Joy School.
Our Joy School friends are so great!  We've had a wonderful year.  I found these guys playing with the Joy School house at free play time
And when I looked at the calendar later, it looked like this.  It was pretty funny.
And  these two guys sometimes get to get together while their big brothers are at Joy School.
Another picture illustrating two of Alan's favorite things.
Do you want to build a snowman?  They had fun.  And that snowman lasted FOREVER!
Playing pat-a-cake with his little sister
And she loves it!
Trying to transition James from the crib to a bed.  It has been...interesting.  Ups and downs.  Most of the downs related to poking, tattling, kicking, and continuous talking and laughing.  They did well at the beginning.  Then James was back in the crib.  Currently Alan is sleeping in the crib and James in the bed.  Go figure.  That's how they want it. :)  Ok.  We're hoping that James gets used to falling asleep in the bed and then we will make Alan get back in.  Hopefully with less poking. But we'll see!
Grandma Robertson's Birthday!  Here she is with all of her grandkids, which may be the best present of all.
Awesome dachshund cake that Sarah and Michael made. 
Always in on the action!
Big Brother
Little Sister (Other big brother won't eat carrots)
But he worked really hard doing lots of extra jobs to earn money to buy this Angry Bird blanket!
My family came up over President's Day weekend and we had a blast.  The kids went to their first movie in a theater and we saw Frozen (now a family fav).  I didn't get many pics, maybe mom did.  But here are a few poses before people left! 
And the Crazies!!!! Love this shot.