Friday, February 21, 2014

The Many Faces of Mr. James

So James, has been been doing this for months now.  He's in a bit of a two year old phase.  And he would have these melt downs and get really upset.  So I would ask him to show me his happy face.  And the whole thing went from there.  He loves to do his faces.  And they are pretty much hilarious.  Thankfully Megan documented it.  We never had any pictures.  But at the court of honor he decided to put on a show.

Of course Alan had to get in on the action too. These boys are pretty cute and are getting to be quite good pals.  We love them and their silly faces.

Yes, his mood can change about this quickly and this dramatically too.  It's hilarious.  Most of the time. :)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

New Year's

Yes, I realize it's February 6th.  We're getting there. :)

I would blame my wonderful sister, Megan, for recently getting me all the pictures that she had on her camera. However, you do not blame people who take all of the pictures for you that you should be taking. You thank them. Thanks Meg! And it's not like she's been doing anything important like getting engaged or anything.  Congrats Meg!  We're so excited for you.

Anyway, that is what is happening currently, and we now need to backtrack a couple of months...

The drive down.  Sporting the royal blue classic cougar sweatshirt despite our bowl game loss the night before.
We stopped at Lindsay's house and got to meet her cute little Nora! So fun to visit with Lindsay and her mom!
Gotta love Grandma's house. He just came walking up the stairs like this one day. It was pretty funny.
I love how hard she is concentrating here.
And this one is one of my absolute favorites
Playing a little Stratego
We also got to go to Nathan's Eagle Court of Honor when we were there. Don't mind the smudges. Someone got into it before the event started.
The culprit himself. :)
Nate's looking pleased. :)
Congrats Nate!!!!
Everything went well and the food was delicious
A great pic of Grandma
And of these two.  (silly face pics to follow in another post. there were too many to post here)
Ahhh, ever competitive brothers
Sporting her new BYU pj's
Uncle Nate was tending some chickens over the time when we were there, and the boys got to go with him to feed the chickens and collect eggs.
And they loved it!
Our smiley goose!
Loving the Chinese buffet!
Love it!
Snuggles with Grandma
And Megan
We of course had to get in a little N-64 at Great Grandma's. The boys were in heaven.
I love the scarf look, Ginny.
Making some cookies with the Star Wars cookie cutters
And loving it!

Smooches from Grandpa!
We had our traditional fondue for New Year's Eve.  Grandpa thought it would be fun to get out the chocolate fountain for the boys.
And he had no idea just how fun...
it would be!
We had a great trip, and a wonderful New Years, with all of the traditional celebrations.  Alan had been wanting to be nocturnal or "octurnal" as he calls it, for months.  We kept telling him he could be nocturnal on New Year's Eve.  So when the time came, he of course made sure that we made good on our word.  I somehow thought he would fall asleep?  He is one determined fellow.  He stayed up til midnight, but was pretty tired.  He was still convinced at this point that nocturnal meant no sleep at all.  I convinced him he could pop another popper on the tree if he would then go to sleep.  He was exhausted and thankfully took me up on the offer. But I think he had a fun night, and we all had a very fun trip.