Monday, May 23, 2011

A Visit to the Farm

 We had such a fun time on Saturday when we went to visit a farm near our house.  Alan absolutely loved it.  His current obsession of running up and down hills kept him very busy, and wore him right out.  We went on a little trail through the woods and he ran the entire way. :)  He loved all of the animals, particularly the chickens and the cows.  There were even some stuffed chickens and wooden eggs that you could "gather" in little baskets, and this made his day.  Also he loved the tractor ride, or "hay truck" as he called it.  All in all, a couple of dollars very well spent, and we'll probably have to go back again soon!
There were lots of baby animals at the farm!  These piglets were less than a  month old.

Plenty of sheep and lambs

The "goaks" and their little kids

And this little baby was just too cute!

Alan needed a little break after all of his running.

Monday, May 16, 2011

May flowers

So, Alan and I did visit Plymouth Rock last week and saw the Mayflower replica, but we didn't take any pictures.  It was super super windy, and Alan wasn't in a very good picture-taking mood. :)  But we had lots of fun and visited the cape as well.  So I thought I'd put a few pictures up of the actual May flowers in our yard, since I realized that the only pictures I had posted previously were when we were covered with several feet of snow.  
The beautiful dogwood tree in our front yard
And we have a couple of lilac trees in the back yard as well
Here is our little garden area.  We only planed a few tomato and pepper plants and there are some hydrangea bushes, raspberries, and little flowers the landlord had planted previously.  We also planted some squash seeds along the foundation, but as it looks like a patch of dirt as yet, I'll spare you the pic.
New season, new sport.  Still need some practice with this one.  So far, Alan prefers pitching. :)
Loving the bike 
And really loving the park. 
We love having our own little yard and a park so close by as well, in addition to a million fun parks in the area.  Alan would be outside every minute if he could.  Turns out a yard is a little more work than an apartment, but a lot of fun as well. :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Make Way for Swans!

It is such a beautiful, beautiful spring here in Boston.  There are flowering trees every where you look and it is just gorgeous.  The allergens say otherwise, but besides that, so so so pretty.  One of the prettiest places I've ever been in spring.

Yesterday, Alan and I braved the "T" for the first time and went down to the Public Garden in downtown Boston.  (completely unforgivable that I forgot my camera!!!!)  They had a fun little event where they released Romeo and Juliet, Boston's 2 swans that have been at the zoo all winter, into the pond at the Public Garden.  Of course the swan boats were running, and there were plenty of ducks as well.  Alan had a blast.  A park ranger read a big copy of Make Way for Ducklings in front of the statue.  Then we had a little parade behind the swans through the gardens and I cannot stress how beautiful all the trees and tulips were.  The mayor released the swans and then they had cookies, lemonade, and ice cream for everyone.  It was the most beautiful day and a truly wonderful Boston experience.  

Here's the Make Way for Ducklings statue.  Like I said, no camera, so this pic is from wikipedia.  If I had taken one today there would have been children on the back of each of these ducks.  So cute. 
And I just found a few more photos in a local newspaper, and thought I'd post them to compensate for my lack of photos.

Park Ranger reading Make Way for Ducklings

This little girl is in our ward.  They brought out the swans in these glass cages and the kids  all got right up close to see.  Then we followed them around the park.

Releasing the swans

And here's a pic of the swans and swan boats.