Saturday, November 5, 2016

Berkshires Trip with the Fam

A few weeks ago my family that lives in NJ and my grandparents Tucker from Idaho came to Massachusetts to enjoy our beautiful fall foliage. We drove out to the Berkshires and met them at my parents time share there. It was a fun time and peak foliage weekend. The pictures can't really capture how pretty it actually was. There were many opportunities for family photos! Here are a few!

We went on a little walk and everyone got some photos taken.
Grandparents and Grandkids

Great-Grandparents and Grandkids!
Uncle Evan!

It was a beautiful fall day
Greatest parents!

Alan brought his fishing pole. We didn't know how to use it, and we were sure that Grandpa Tucker could give Alan some tips.
We were right. They had a fun time practicing fishing.
These two troublemakers are awfully cute.

We also drove up Mt. Greylock, the highest point in Massachusetts. Here is a little tower at the top.
The drive up was incredibly beautiful!

On a clear day, you're supposed to be able to see 5 states. I don't think we were able to see Connecticut, but saw the others.
More grandkids!

The next day we went to the Ioka Valley farm. It was a cute little farm with lots of fun things for the kids. I just love MA farms in the fall!

Riding to the pumpkin patch

The corn maze...which turned out to be more of a very short corn walk....

What the corn maze lacked, they made up for it in the hay maze. Pitch black inside. You had to crawl through on your hands and knees and I could not see a thing. You literally had to stick your hand in front of you each time to see if you were going to hit a wall. Here's Scott peeking out at a rare patch of light!
Lucy preferred this type of fishing...magnet pole, lollipop, sunglasses. Classic. :)
They had a really fun time.
Cows. We're remarkable cows.
We also fed goats and did the pumpkin slingshot!
The nice driver let all of us on the cow ride

And this lady was AWESOME. You'll never meet anyone as excited about maple syrup.
James wanted to be the princess to be funny. You just never know what you're gonna get with him.

The play area at the end had this big slide that everyone loved!
And lots of other fun as well!

We went to get a family picture after church the next day. The kids took my phone and took lots of pictures of the sidewalk, leaves, poles, flowers etc. But they also captured this great one of grandpa stomping in the leaves in his suit. :)
Here's the whole crew! It was a wonderful trip! Thanks for coming to MA! Love you all!!!