Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mother's Day Photo Shoot

Sooooo...these are some pictures that I took to make into a collage for our Moms(Grandmas). It was really the funniest thing ever.  I had about two minutes to snap some pictures, and the kids were really going crazy!  I threw them all up on the bed to try to get a few good shots. Lucy was determined to crawl off. James was jumping around on the bed the entire time.  Alan was able to somehow contain Lucy for a minute or I was able to hold her with my feet. Seriously, it was insane. The even crazier thing was that we actually captured some pretty cute pictures a midst the chaos! And here they are. :)


Ok, so now I am thinking back and these last two posts are actually out of order.  Easter was the day before Patriot's day.  That's what I get for being two months late on my posts!  I can barely remember what happened! Good thing I am somewhat keeping track of  this stuff or I wouldn't remember a thing!  Anyway, here are some pics from Easter.

We went down to Weston for their annual Easter Egg hunt.  We had fun, but it was FREEZING!

Dying Easter Eggs with the Robertsons. We realized that we have done this together for the past three years.  We sure are going to miss Michael and Sarah and their family when they head to Denver later this week.

And here are some pictures from Easter morning!!!

And in Michael and Sarah's absence we'll have to find someone else to make a bunny cake too. Either that or convince them to come back out for Easter. :)

Patriot's Day 2014

This is several months late, but there were some cute pics of the kids here, so I thought I'd post 'em. We didn't do big celebrations this year.  Scott was actually out of town and we weren't brave enough to brave the marathon without him. But we went to a playground in Lexington and met Grandma and Grandpa Robertson there. Then we walked to the Lexington parade and watched it for a while til the kids were just toooo thirsty. :)  (Left the water in the car.)  But it was a fun and beautiful day.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fire Phone

Ok, I know I'm so far behind on other posts and pictures of our cute kids.  But this was timely and exciting, and I had to post it now. :)

Scott's been working at Amazon for a year (and a day. :) and we haven't been able to know anything about what he's been doing.  In the past couple of weeks he's put in some pretty long hours and worked pretty hard. It was so cool today to see the unveiling (well, I had to watch the WSJ's live blog because the video wasn't live streamed) and see all that he has been working on come together.

Scott and his team have been developing the 3-D type lockscreen on the new Amazon Fire Phone.  In seeing the device on the videos that I have watched, it is pretty cool.  It moves with your head, allowing you to see behind objects etc.  They call it dynamic perspective, and it is just that.  Your view changes as you look at it from different angles.

He had to work all day on Saturday to test a feature that Jeff Bezos used in the unveiling today.  Scott said that he cringed today as he watched Jeff push the power button, just hoping that the feature would work.  But thankfully, it did. :)  It's just not every day that you see a feature that you made being talked about online and on the radio on the way home from work.  We are so proud of him and think it's all pretty cool. :)  And I must say, it is pretty nice to finally be able to talk to him about all of the things he's been working on.

Here's a short video that highlights features of the phone including the dynamic perspective:

And here's the LONG unveiling today which goes in depth into dynamic perspective and lock screens and lots of other features. :)

And here's our pretty awesome SDET himself.

Great Job!  Love you hun!