Friday, February 25, 2011

Birthday, family, and more

Well, I feel like it's been a while, but wanted to catch up on a few recent happenings. My family was able to come up for president's day weekend, and it was so fun to be able to spend some time with them. Alan loved having everyone here. He always had someone to take downstairs with him to play basketball, which is seriously an obsession. For the next couple of days after everyone left he kept going and looking for them after waking up.

We mostly spent time here, as it was freezing outside, but we did go in to Cambridge to the Harvard Museum of Natural History, which was pretty cool, and my parents got to drive around the city and see some sites. My grandma was also able to come up and she and my parents and Scott and I were able to go the Boston Temple, which was wonderful.

Since my birthday was the day after they left, we got to celebrate my birthday for several days in a row. My grandma took us out to dinner on Saturday, and my mom made a great dinner on Sunday and we had cake #1. As you can tell in the video below, Alan's reaction to birthday cakes hasn't changed that much since his first birthday. :)

Then on my actual birthday, Scott made dinner and another cake (much to Alan's dismay). He also got us tickets to see Mary Poppins in a couple of weeks! So fun!

Overall, a great birthday weekend! Thanks everyone. Here are a couple of other cute pictures that I thought I'd tack on the end.

Snuggling with Daddy

Always a big helper when it comes to making (and tasting) brownies :)

Great Grandma's bag was just the right size for Alan, and he loved it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Boy, oh Boy

Janelle's ultrasound last week confirmed a healthy mom and baby, for which we're all grateful.  Also, the technician was quite confident we have another baby boy!

Alan and I got to be there and see the little baby on the screen.  I still don't think Alan understands that the baby is in Mommy's tummy, and not in his, though.  Either way, he will be here in a few months and we're excited to meet him!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What's up with Wednesdays?

So every single Wednesday since we've been here it has snowed, and I mean a significant amount of snow. Sometimes more, but at least 6 inches every Wednesday (and occasionally on other days too).  And none of this snow has melted.  Which means it's all piling on top of each other, which means our front yard is forever a huge mountain of snow.  I used to tell people that New Jersey and Utah snow is different.  In Utah it snows a little bit seemingly every day, and in New Jersey when we get snow, we get a lot, but it's only a couple of times a winter.  Well, in Boston, we get snow almost every day, and we get a lot!  It seems that way at least.  Everyone tells me... I've lived here X number of years, and I've never seen it snow like this.  This isn't normal. It usually only snows a couple of times, and sometimes not at all... well, we'll see, but we sure picked a great winter to move in.  I think Scott is quite sick of clearing snow, especially after a long day at work.  But they closed Scott's lab again today, which means he'll get to be home with us, so that's a perk! 

Anyway, besides the snow, things are good here.  We are continuing to get unpacked and settled and slowly acquiring more furniture, etc.  Our ward is wonderful and the Relief Society is the most active RS that I have ever seen, with all kinds of great activities.  I'm excited about the book club because it will give me more incentive to read again- something that normally gets put at the end of my endless to do list.  But it's moved up in priority thanks to book club.  Although, I am currently listening to a book on tape, and I'm not sure how I feel about it.  I mean, I love it because I can listen as I play with Alan, do dishes, laundry, etc., which means I actually do it.  But then again, I wonder if this can be considered reading a book.  If I'm listening to a novel, is it really that much different than watching a movie?  I know it is, but I don't know, I guess it's somewhere in between.  It's good though.

Scott is liking work so far, and Alan is obsessed with a cute little monkey named George.  The TV doesn't really keep his interest as much as PBS kids online.  I'm pretty sure he would do this all day if I would let him.  He also loves the Mr. Rodger's picture picture clips online where they make things in the factory.  Especially when they make balls.  Actually he loves everything about balls.  Again, obsessed.  He ate peas the other day because I asked him if he wanted to eat green balls.  (Didn't last too long, though)  He is soooo funny, and understands more and more everyday.  And has the best memory in the world.  It is unbelievable what things he'll remember from a week ago.  I will have forgotten what we did, and he will get so frustrated trying to tell me what he wants, until it finally dawns on me that we did something last week and he wants to do it again.  He's had a tough time with nursery, but he actually stayed for the last half on Sunday!  Who knows what next week will bring, but at least that's some progress.

Well, that's probably enough blabbing for one snowy Wednesday.  Maybe you'll have to wait until next snowy Wednesday to hear more about our exciting lives.  Wait, I just realized it was groundhog's day and I hear that spring is near!  Maybe no more snowy Wednesdays after all.  Good thing Phil doesn't live in Boston, he wouldn't make it out of his hole!