Friday, May 15, 2015

Christmas in New Jersey!

I think these pictures tell the story of our Christmas pretty well. We had a blast visiting my family in New Jersey. Everyone except Steph and Emily were home for Christmas this year, and the kids loved the attention of their aunts and uncles and grandparents! In addition to the normal Christmas activities, Scott and I went to New York to go to the temple on our anniversary. Then we met the kids at my Aunt Tracey's horse farm. I got to meet up with my Lindsay and her little Nora and Grandma and Grandpa also got us all tickets to see Frozen on Ice. We all loved it so much! Thanks Foulk Family for a wonderful Christmastime!



So, Scott really wanted to cut down a tree this year. We waited too long last year and there were none left.
So we went out the day after Thanksgiving...and pickings were still rather slim! We decided we may have to venture outside of Billerica next year.
In the end, we found a nice one. It was a little bushy, but was great for ornament hanging!
Got it pretty well secured. (Only had to stop once to readjust. :)
The boys loved to cut the netting
And Lucy loved the finished product! (And, of course her blankie!)
We started the month out right with our traditional candy chain making for FHE.
Since my friend Brenna moved to Colorado last year, I decided that I had to take the torch and make the graham cracker gingerbread houses for decorating this year.
I made the houses and some of our friends from church decorated them with us! James was a little excited for the candy.
And hard at work with the decorating
Yay for friends!
Lucy very much wanted to participate...but did not quite master skill of gingerbread housing.
The finished product!
And Alan had one to make at home as well!
With Alan starting kindergarten this year, we have been inundated with birthday party invitations. This was at his best friend Nicky's party.
James is very particular when it comes to connect four. He has, and likes, his own rules. (Big shock)
So I was in charge of the Ward Christmas Party at church this year. It turned out great. It looked great. I can't believe I got almost no pictures! But I guess when you're worried about how everything will turn out, you forget to bust out the camera.  Anyway, here is Santa checking his list.
James thought it was pretty cool that he could take this picture of himself with Santa in the background.
In each of the rooms we had a story about service and sharing. Then there was an activity for the kids.  In this room the story was about two boys buying their dad a new pair of shoes. Then we had shoebox races. 
And here is the joy school Christmas play.  It was really fun.
James was excited to be Joseph in this rendition.
And the whole happy cast :)
And of course we had a blast decorating cookies at Grandma's house.
Alan had been begging for this all year. I somehow didn't manage a picture of this, but Lucy was hilarious. She would stick her hands in the frosting and then rub it on her shirt. Not on a cookie, or even in her mouth! I guess I must have been busy cleaning up the mess. :)
We also got to go to Alan's holiday performance. They sang like 20 different songs or something like that. It was quite impressive!
I just love this picture.
And here he is with some of his best friends.
Before Grandma and Grandpa Robertson left for Colorado, we had a little pre-Christmas gift exchange together.
The boys were thrilled with their hot wheels set.
Lucy loved James' puzzle (since they were also blocks), and somehow we didn't manage to get a picture of Scott's favorite present ever...his new paper shredder!