Sunday, March 25, 2012

Zoo Pics

We have been so spoiled this winter and spring!  It is so much warmer than last year and it has been a blast to go on so many outside adventures!  A couple weeks ago we took advantage of one of the 75 degree days and went with our friends the Palkki's to the zoo!  

"Welcome to the zoo!"  I think Alan looks so old in this picture.

Here's our dynamic duo at the entrance.

Some of our favorites were the bears,

and the llamas.

Here's Jamesy demonstrating his wave.  He loves to wave to everyone these days!

We also loved the flamingos.

And we found a monkey.

And another monkey.

The snow leopards were so beautiful and way up close to the fence.

We couldn't find the wolves for quite a while.  We walked all around and on our way back down, two of them walked right  down in frond of us.   Alan calls them the big bad wolves.

Of course, you can't miss an opportunity to take a picture with a cougar!
Thanks Palkki's for inviting us.  It was such a perfect day and we all loved it.  Certainly a day trip we'll have to take again!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Boston BYU Alumni Event

A couple of weeks ago we went to our first BYU Alumni- Boston Chapter event.  So fun!  We went with Michael and Sarah to hear Clayton Christensen in the Celtic's training center.  We had never heard him lecture and he gave a very interesting presentation on disruptive innovation and what it could mean for the world of higher education.

Here's the acclaimed Harvard Business School professor himself.  We forgot our camera, so this is taken from his website.  He is a great presenter.
We did get a few phone shots in the Celtic's locker room.  Who knew that Ray Allen was also a fan of Scott's favorite operating system?  Ok so it's probably used in the African philosophical sense, but still had to get a picture.

See how high the sinks are in the bathroom?

Their high tech training schedule

Scott did so well in the free-throw shooting contest!  He made 7 or of 10 in the first round to qualify him for the second round.

And he did amazingly well in the second round as well.  Made almost every shot.  And then an unlucky sequence in front of him caused him to get 6 points on a single miss. :(  Very unlucky.  We almost got that Rondo ball. :)

All in all it was a kind of random, but fun night out.  It's fun to be BYU alums in Boston!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


This is what's left of our park.  The lovely little park at the end of our street, not more than a few steps from our house.  If you ask Alan, he'll tell you what happened.  "The digger trucks digged our park."  I tell everyone too.  We are in serious mourning.  We saw the digger trucks, and went into a state of shock.  This park was our life.  And they digged it as soon as we got 70 and 80 degree days.  We can't even throw rocks in the water.  That's roped off too.  Hopefully this is temporary and that a new park is going up soon.  The big pile of rocks that they dumped where the park used to be does not look promising.  It's looking more like paving paradise to put up a parking lot.  Technically demolishing paradise, not paving, but you know.  Wish I had a before picture, but turns out you don't know what you've got til it's gone.  Ok, I'll stop now.  So long little park.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oh What did you do in the Wintertime?

First of all, I have been blog-negligent.  We're looking to buy a house and it literally eats up every spare second of the day.  Hopefully it won't last too much longer.

That being said, this winter is the complete opposite of last winter.  It's amazing.  No snow!  And for the past week it's been in the 60's and 70's and it hardly feels like winter at all.  But we did have those cold days earlier on and we had lots of fun.
Alan is into playing with his animals right now.  And he insists that they get dressed, or at least put on their pajamas before bed.  
After our visit to the children's museum with my family, we made a ball chute of our own.  We saved up all sorts of tubes and had some fun one morning.
Yes, this is the reason we used Kix instead of marbles.

I'm not sure why the flash is so bright.  Anyway, Alan came out wearing each of these pairs of shoes.  Then he'd come back here and get another.  We thought he was putting them back.  Apparently he was making a "train."
Playing with Daddy
Crafts, crafts, crafts.  He loves them. Easy. Quick. Fun.  Let's just hope he's this easily entertained forever. :)
Playing in the little snow that we have gotten, and loving every minute of it.

And what can you say to this cute little guy?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Birthday Post

Luckily we celebrated my birthday with my family and Michael and Sarah on the Sunday before the actual day.  Because on the actual day we got hit with a stomach bug.  It actually was mostly during the night before, leaving me waking up to this lovely pile of laundry.... :)

But the bug was a short 12 hour deal, and it was actually nice to have a relaxing day at home where we could watch some hulu and get nothing done.  We were supposed to order in Chinese, but that obviously wasn't happening.  So instead Scott brought home Ramen and Fresca.  Definitely college flashback.  It kinda freaked me out. :)

But we still opened presents, which made Alan super excited.

And we still ate some cake, which made James super excited.

And we still got Chinese a few days later.  It was great.  I have a wonderful husband, wonderful kids, and I had a wonderful birthdayful week.