Friday, April 28, 2017

Halloween 2016

I've decided it's time to catch up again before this baby comes! 
Here is a collection of Halloween pictures! We always seem to have a ton of events to wear our costumes to, which the kids love of course. So here are a few pictures from Scott's Halloween work party, Ditson School party, pumpkin carving, Lynnfield Ward trunk or treat, Lucy's joy school party, James' class party, and of course Halloween itself. This year we had a Ninja Turtle, Optimus Prime, and a Witch.  AND...this may top all else...I didn't buy or make a single one of these costumes this year!!! How awesome is that. (I had found the turtle and witch a few years ago on a 90% off clearance sale...and somehow both kids wanted to wear them! And James picked one Alan had worn a 2 years ago) Anyway. I thought it was pretty awesome. And they did too. :)