Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Cougars come to Boston

Ok, technically they came to Springfield.  But close enough. :)  About an hour and a half away.  So you can bet we got tickets to go see our basketball team in action.  We thought it was going to be an easy game.  I mean, who has heard of the UMass Minutemen?  But then the night before the game, we go to look up directions to the place, etc. and come to find out they are ranked!  And undefeated.  And legitimately good.  So then we were scared, and with good reason.  They got ahead early, and while we had some pretty good runs, and played relatively well, we never could quite pull ahead.  It was good to see our good old reliable Tyler Haws though.  I think he may have been the only one who was playing back when we used to go to basketball games in Provo.It was fun to be able to go with Grandpa Robertson and also see a lot of friends from previous wards.  And Alan was psyched that his whole Joy School class was there as well.  Pretty much, it was a win, despite the fact that it was not.

Some random pics

I have to admit, with three little ones running around (well, luckily one can't run yet) I hardly ever remember to snap a picture let alone post it.  But I realized Lucy will be four months on Friday.  And then I remembered that I snapped a picture when she turned three months and I was pretty sure they hadn't made it up here.  So I decided to take a little break from all of the Christmas happenings here (and there are plenty!) and post a few pictures before I turn around and the kids are in college.

So since I don't take pictures nearly as often, it seems like I do little photo shoots to try and capture all of the cute faces in one sitting.  Here are a few we took after church one day.  She's full of personality...

And here are just some other randoms

Sporting his new reindeer socks.  Grandma and Grandpa Robertson got a bunch for free and they are now his favorite things.
Still loves to pose with his sister.
One of James's classic faces these days.  There are more.  They are funny.  I'll have to try to get pictures of them.  But as you can tell from this face, cooperating isn't exactly a sure fire thing these days. :)
Here are the pictures I took when I realized that she was three months old.
She is a sweet, smiley, spunky girl.
The boys having a snack during some leaf raking/blowing.  Never did get it all the way finished before these couple of feet of snow fell.
Three in the crib!
Always so many smooches for Lucy.  We still don't know how to give her space. :)
Trying out the Bumbo
Yeah, it's a hit.
Running... like always! Nothing stops him.  He goes out in the coldest of cold weather.
Sometimes we still get some pretty cute faces from this guy.  And we love him.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Lucy's Blessing

Ok, So I'm super, super slow at getting any photos up.  And I haven't really even taken all that many, but here are a few.  My family came up for a long weekend in November and we took a fun trip up to Sharon, Vermont to visit the Joseph Smith birthplace.  Then we had Lucy's baby blessing on Sunday.  Here are some fun pics from their visit.

We went up to White River Junction VT and stayed overnight so that we wouldn't have quite so much driving in one day.  Lucy did a great job with the trip!
The boys loved the hotel.  Who wouldn't want to watch the Disney Channel like this?
This little guy thought it would be really fun to talk and play all night instead of sleep.  I have no idea how he is going to be able to share a room here soon...
And he also thought that the visitors center was overrated and much preferred running up and down the stairs and jumping on the rocks outside.  It made for some cute pictures!
The whole crew at the Joseph Smith Birthplace monument.  It was mighty cold!

After visiting the monument, we stopped at a little farm on the way home.  They had lots of samples and we got to try all of their cheese and maple syrup! Yum!
Lucy's Blessing- 11/10/2013

Here is all of our family that were able to make it to the blessing.  We were so lucky to have so many people here!  It is so great to have family here in Boston and within driving distance as well.  Thank you to everyone for making the effort to be here.  We love you.
And here are just a few more pictures from the day...