Thursday, September 29, 2016

Joy School!

So I decided to save all of our pictures from Joy school for one post, rather than space them throughout. I didn't take a ton of pictures, but here are a few that I got, and of course, the Joy School Graduation at the end. We had a small group this year, consisting of only three kids, with a younger brother that joined near the end. We supplemented the traditional curriculum with the preschool literacy curriculum from the BYU Education website. We loved the variety and what the letter lesson plans had to offer. It was a fun way to change joy school up a little bit and these kids did awesome.

Not gonna lie, this year was a little tough for our James. He struggled socially and emotionally and therefore with his behavior as well. There were times he didn't want to go, and times he didn't want to participate, even if he did go. Most days were fine, but you never knew when something would set him off, or he wouldn't want to get into the car, or what. But we love him to death and thankfully towards the end, started doing a little better at Joy School, and with life in general. He is learning so much and it was good to spend this year with him and work with him on so many different things. He is a totally unique child. Witty and creative and extremely determined. We love you Jamesy. Congrats on finishing up Joy School!

June Fun

We were thrilled to have our friends, the Matthews, visiting this summer. We miss this dear family so much. A few minutes after they got here, the boys went right to work and caught a toad. Seriously, it doesnt get much better than this!
We made a cake for Uncle Nate's birthday. He's serving a mission in Russia. We ate the cake of course, but we sent him a picture. :)
Along with this...And I don't remember what it says at all. Probably something like Happy Birthday, Elder Foulk. We love you. Or something like that. :)

On Flag Day we had a Relief Society Activity at Lexington Green.
We got to watch a little lowering the flag ceremony

Here's our group!
Then we went on a little walk and looked at some of the historical houses and sites in the area

We walked up a hill across the street to this old belfry tower

We then walked about a block to get ice cream. All in all a very fun evening with these ladies!
Somebody came home happy from field day!
Alan has been begging to go to a baseball game, so when his school was selling tickets to our local minor league team, the Lowell Spinners, we decided to go see a game. It was a lot of fun! There was just a little bit of rain. Enough for the rainbow in the picture.
And enough to try to catch a few raindrops on your tongue, but not enough to get wet. :)
The kids had a good time. We only stayed til the 7th inning stretch.
And the ride home still looked like this. :)
Happy Father's Day Daddy! One of those rare occasions where everyone looks happy!
James made this sweet book mark for Scott. It was all his idea. When Scott came home from Utah about a month ago, he brought James a bookmark that said "I love Primary" or "Primary makes me Happy" or something like that. So James thought it would be a good gift to make Dad a book mark that says "I ♥ High Priests." Read from left to right of course. :)
And Happy Father's Day to Grandpa too!
We also decided to try out our new fire pit on Father's day.
It was a success. :)

Scooper Bowl 2016

In early June we all made it down to Boston for the annual Scooper Bowl event. It turned out to be a rather overcast and chilly day...not the best day for all you can eat ice cream. But it was the only day we could go and it is ice cream, so it's all good. We had a lot of fun and then walked around town and got dinner afterwords. The kids loved posing at all of the booths as well. Hoping the weather is warmer next year. :)

Memorial Day weekend

We went down to New Jersey over Memorial Day weekend! Since Steph and Marc have moved to NJ we were thrilled to see them and also celebrate Jimmie and Emily's birthday while we were there!

Playing with trains at Great Grandma's!
Baby Dawson had gotten so big since the last time we had seen him as a newborn! Lucy loved Dawson.
And the pool!
Those two cousins are so funny.
Emily had planned such a fun birthday party for Jimmie. It turned out so cute!
They made their own pizza bagels
And ate said pizza bagels
And got to decorate their own cupcakes as well

All in all it was a super fun day!
Since the weather was going to be rainy on Memorial Day, Grandpa brought Great Grandpa Foulk's Baby home and took the kids on a little ride around the block. They were all happy to go...just not get their picture taken. :)

Emily put together this cute frame for Grandma and Grandpa for Mothers/Fathers day.
We mostly got along. But there was a little of this too. :)
Happy Birthday Emily and Jimmie!
The three musketeers
Flag waffles!!

Grandma and Grandpa showed us all of their pictures from Hawaii and then we took a picture with all of the grandkids in the outfits they had brought back for them.
A very fun trip. We are loving having cousins and grandparents within driving distance!