Friday, March 26, 2010

Job Offer Accepted

Ready for the big news......... We're going to Boise!!!!!

I know what you're thinking... Boise??? Yes! Not the most exotic place the world, but last time it was Arkansas, and I've lived in Provo for 7 years, so what can you do. :) Scott just accepted an offer from HP for after he graduates in December. He had interviewed with them here at BYU first, then they flew him up for some more interviews a couple of weeks ago. Scott liked what he saw when he was up there, and we've decided to give it a go. Seems like a good job, affordable cost of living, and fairly close to some family. And it's kind of nice to already know where we're going to be after graduation. We're so excited for this upcoming adventure!!

We'll see if we can talk them into a new logo. Maybe something like this??? :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Nuit Internationale

Yesterday, our stake had our International Night. Sisters formed booths for different countries with all kinds of delicious food, costumes, decorations, and performances. It was so fun to be able to see a lot of the girls that I teach in the stake English class get so excited about their presentations. There were also a few sisters from our ward who participated as well. I helped with the France booth, mainly because the sister from France was in our ward. We also had a few girls who served missions in France help out too. And we wouldn't want to forget that I did take some quality French classes in high school. Only phrase that I remember: Je ne sais pas. :)

Here are some pictures from the evening...

The French Booth. Sam, on the far right, is in my ward. We served crepes and quiche, neither of which I made, but both of which were delicious.

Luana from Brazil setting out the brigadeiro.

Gloria, from Taiwan, is in our English class. As you can see she went all out.

Isabel, Mila, and her daughter from Spain! (I don't know the 3rd girl)

There were other sisters too, but these are the few pictures I got before we got run over by millions of people all wanting creps. :) It was a fun night and Scott, Alan, and Scott's whole family got to come as well!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Visit from Grandparents (#1)

We were lucky enough to have my parents out here for a weekend and loved spending time with them! We loved going out to eat, going to the temple, and watching our cougs in the MWC tournament. (Who unfortunately lost to UNLV. Hope we have better luck tomorrow.) And of course... we got to meet Bronco. (see last post) My parents pulled the "We're from NJ" card. Works like a charm. :)

Mostly it was just fun to relax and spend time together. The kids at home managed to survive 24hrs+ without electricity while Mom and Dad were gone too. Way to go guys! We are already missing them (I swear Alan's changed in the time since they've left), but we're also looking forward to a visit from another set of grandparents later this week! Yay!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Meeting my hero...

Tradition. Spirit. Honor.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Screwed-up Corn

A couple of summers ago, Scott had an internship with Walmart in their ISD department. While we were there, I had a temporary job also at the Home Office, working in the Private Brands Quality devision. I did Great Value food. Basically, I would get all of these complaints that were logged at a call center and then sent to me. One of the most hilarious jobs I've ever had. I ran into almost every situation imaginable. Everything from reasonable to ridiculous. There were only 9 fruit smiles in my package instead of 10; the can of spinach actually contained black-eyed peas (or vice versa, I can't remember- this was a big problem though); the tuna is too salty; I'm gonna sue you because the lima beans I microwaved lit on fire and caused smoke damage to my house, etc. I only worked there one summer, but I would say that I'm pretty familiar with quality issues from suppliers.

So today, I made a taco salad for lunch. It was delicious. As I was putting away all of the left over supplies, I dumped the corn into a tupperware container and there was a screw in my corn!!!!!! I was like... Oh my gosh, I can't believe that this actually happened to me! I started cracking up and couldn't stop laughing. I think it's the funniest thing. What are the chances of that?! I think if I hadn't had that job though, I would have totally been freaking out, or mad, or both. I honestly don't remember seeing this one before. But it's been a while, so who knows. But now I guess I'll simply let Western Family know to check out their suppliers because one of them is missing a screw somewhere along the assembly line. :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Well, I haven't posted in a little while, and whenever that happens, I feel like it just gets harder and harder to post because I have nothing big and exciting to say. So we'll just put up a few pictures and give a few updates about our happenings around here!

Ever since we got back from Idaho, Alan's been sick. He just has a really drippy nose and a cough. It's been miserable for him to nurse, etc, and it just has stuck around for sooo long. So after a week plus, I took him in to the doctor. He had a slight ear infection in one ear, but they wanted to wait a couple of days to see if it would go away on its own because it was so small. When we went in a few days later, the first ear was fine, but he had a significant infection in the other ear! So they prescribed amoxicillin. Well, two days after being on that, he broke out with a rash, so they told us to stop using it. We went in to the doctors again two days later, and he just had a very slight ear infection remaining, but not significant enough to prescribe another antibiotic for. So, we're hoping it gets better from here, but no guarantees. He's still drippy and coughy, but he's not quite as congested as he used to be, and can nurse just fine, so that's good.

Despite all the crazy sickness, Alan has been really really good. He's been sleeping soooo well at night for the last month, which is wonderful. He's taken to early rising though, in lieu of the middle of the night feeding, so that's a little adjustment, but well worth the night time sleeping. We'll see if we can pull a little switcheroo on him here at daylight savings time and get some more sleep in the morning! Probably won't work, but who knows?

Anyway, here's a couple of pics of the little guy!

Alan's not crawling yet, but scooting and rolling all around the floor....and getting himself stuck on occasion.

Alan hugging the toilet paper? Random, I know, but I thought it was cute.

Oh. It was also my birthday! Kind of an awkward picture, but it illustrates the point. :)

Here we are with our neighbors now that it's nice enough to play outside! I took this picture this morning, and it is now snowing. Go figure. Oh well, at least we get to go outside sometimes!