Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Yankee Doodle Days and Other September Fun

Here are some pics from our fun fall!

Both boys have been playing soccer this fall.
There has been a lot of rain and Sunday games, so I feel like they've missed more than their fair share, but they've still had fun!
This dresser became broken beyond the point of repair, so daddy threw it off the deck.
And the kids loved it.
Lucy loves to put together little outfits like this. ;)

Our ward had a half camp activity, and since we had failed to go camping at all this summer, we decided to stay the night.
The kids were really good. They went to bed much better than they do at home!
Doing some service the next morning

Then the morning after camping, Alan had an 8 am soccer game, followed by the Yankee Doodle parade and celebration that always takes place in Billerica. It is our town day, with lots of fun for the kids. This year the kids got to ride on their school float and had a lot of fun!

On the float!

I ran home to shower and came back and watched them approaching  toward the end.
Daddy and Lucy walked alongside.
The Ditson Bee!
Afterwards we went to the celebrations...bounced in bouncy houses, got free hot dogs, and climbed in big trucks, fire engines, and police cars.

Some of James' first projects from school
Also, this one is quite the climber at altitude!
Alan needed ear buds for school. He thought they were pretty cool.
Daddy playing with the kids
Loves to dress up and loves her friends!
We needed some things at home depot and took the kids to make their little free craft.
They loved it and were quite proud of their fire engines. (We painted them at home...had to make it back in time for conference!)
More school projects!
On and early release day, we drove down to the city to have a picnic lunch with Daddy.

More joy school fun!

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