Tuesday, July 11, 2017

4th of July

So, I was due on the 3rd of July. We weren't quite sure what to expect for the 4th this year, but judging from past experiences, we figured we might still be around. :) I had actually come down with an awful stomach bug the day before my due date, so I was more than happy to give it a few days to recover before going into labor. :)

We started off the 4th at Scott's favorite ward event of the year...the 4th of July pancake breakfast. :)
These kids were big helpers and came early to help Dad prepare breakfast!
Our goose thinks she still fits in a baby car seat. I don't think she realized how little the baby would be. :)
Later in the day Grandma and Grandpa Robertson brought over all sorts of food for a BBQ.
And the kids loved the flag cake that Grandma made.
Later that evening, we met up with some friends at a park for fireworks.
It was a good show and while there were a few trees, it was not crowded at all where we were.
We successfully avoided a long walk and long traffic. And thankfully it was a beautiful night. All major pluses when you are over 40 weeks pregnant. :) Happy Birthday, America. 

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