Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Waiting Game

I had scheduled to be induced on Friday, July 7th. I knew going into the induction that I would be last on the list and there was a good possibility of possibly getting bumped from the induction schedule, because the induction was not medically necessary, and I was not 41 weeks yet. But we decided to go ahead and try. It turned out that the next two days were some of the busiest the hospital had seen in a while. Apparently it was a full moon. Apparently that means everyone goes into labor? Not me. :) 

We kept busy going bowling, getting ice cream, buying dining room furniture, eating at Chipotle, cleaning, buying lightbulbs, going to BBQ's and inventing hot wheels wake-up-your-brother inventions.

I had to keep calling back every 6 hours to see if there was room. Finally, on Sunday morning, they told me to come in. After I got here, got set up, and had been here at the hospital for 4 hrs, the on call doctor recommended that I go home and come back to be induced on Monday. After Scott and I talked it over, we decided to stay and get induced on Sunday. It gave everything a kind of a late start, but at least the waiting game was over!

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