Saturday, July 8, 2017

Spring Randoms

Here is a random group of photos from springtime!

Cleaning the church with friends! We are going to miss them.

James made these "silver plates" at church
Then he and Alan came home and made more plates on their own while I took a nap. :)
It was really cute. Here are some of the things they wrote on their plates(with toothpicks)
James has also started to read the scriptures on his own.
Lucy with her proud creation at our monthly trip to the lego store.
The boys with their car mini builds
Alan had an awesome geography unit at school where they learned about the 7 continents by travelling to different continents in different classrooms. He loved it. He came home with some aborigine paint from Australia
Alan loves to play football, and he doesn't think being quite pregnant is a good excuse for not playing with him. :)
I know this is really out of character, but James didn't want his picture taken here. :)
Opening gifts on Mother's day
Alan is finally getting big enough to help with some outside jobs!
He did a great job week whacking after daddy mowed the lawn
These two helped daddy put together this stool one night when I was away and sent me this picture to show their success.
Sunday reading time with Dad!
I love this picture! They were so excited to try the mac n'cheetos at Burger King. We took a special trip to try the macaroni and cheese filled cheetos. And then it turned out they were pretty bad. I don't think anyone, save Scott, ended up liking them in the least bit.
We got to babysit Gidget for a week while Grandma and Grandpa were away. Here she is in her princess tiara.
And it seems that Lucy thinks her cage is a good place to play on the kindle.
James was pretty excited about finding this four leaf clover!

Thanks to Lucy for taking this belly pic. :)
Decorating Grandma and Grandpa's house to welcome them home from their trip!

A fun FHE treat at Mac's Dairy Farm
We actually got a good amount of strawberries this year. I think maybe gidget helped keep away the bunnies!
And here we are on Father's day!
And here are some of the things that the kids made for their dad. :)

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