Monday, May 15, 2017

Wild Kratts Adventure! (and a fun girls date)

For Christmas, the brothers got tickets to see Wild Kratts Live! We splurged and got the meet and greet tickets, which let you see Martin and Chris after the show. Finally at the end of April, the big day arrived!

Even though this one didn't go, she's still a Wild Kratts kid at heart. She had her brothers have been saving earthworms all spring. :) And she got to have some fun time with Mom!
Scott and the boys took the commuter rail down to Providence to see the show to avoid weekend traffic.
They had a lot of fun on the train, despite the noise. :)
And got some pizza before the show!
Waiting for the show to begin. They were in row 11 or something like that.
And here are Martin and Chris doing their thing!
I love this picture of Chris waiting for James to see if he has any questions for him. :)

So fun!
Martin's looking a little was a late night!
And here are their autographed souvenirs.
On the ride home!
It turned out that the commuter rail was a great way to avoid traffic at rush hour, but a rather long way to commute back home.
They got back after midnight, and were pretty tired kids!
 Meanwhile, the Goose and I had a mother daughter date of our own!

After dropping off the boys at Scott's work, Lucy and I went to the Chocolate exhibit at the Museum of Science.
And we went in the butterfly room! Lucy was a little sad that none of the butterflies landed on her, but she got pretty close to some, as seen here!

Afterwords we went out to dinner at Red Robin
And got an ice cream from McDonalds. It was a late night for our goose as well, but not as late as brothers!
All in all it was a pretty fun night for these kiddos! 
And we loved it too!